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Burrito Multi Pouch Gen. 3

At Shot Show 2023 the Ventumgear Team unveiled the latest version of the Burrito Multi Pouch.

The aim was to develop a real all-rounder bag and the numerous feedback from the shot show visitors confirmed our design decisions.

Now the front of the bag has a specially developed grid structure made of laser-cut laminate.

With this grid structure, only certain points were sewn.

This allows equipment (lamps, glow sticks, etc.) to be attached both horizontally and vertically.

The laser cut pattern was chosen so large that patches can easily stick to the fleece surface underneath.

This hybrid front gives the bag a modern look without having to sacrifice practicality.

The front pocket is suitable for flat items such as wounded cards or a rescue blanket.

Inside the bag, value was placed on a bright fleece to keep it clear even in poor light conditions.

In addition, the main compartment now has a water drainage eyelet and four attachment loops.

In combination with some paracord, the bag can also be used as an admin or electronics poch . Another important innovation is on the back.

Due to many customer requests, the bag now has built-in Molle loops.

These are suitable for attaching to vests, backpacks or belts. Furthermore, the bag has attachment options for use as a chest rig or as a dangler bag.

There is also a hidden pocket on the back. This is suitable for various pieces of equipment (handcuffs, disposable gloves, means of payment).

Finally, there is an elastic holder for a tourniquet on the bottom of the bag.

All buckles are removable and therefore allow flexible use of the pouch.

The Burrito Multi Pouch can be used in almost every application.

From festival to firefight.

The accessories shown are not included.

Available accessories:

-Essential Gear Organizer

-Admin Pouch insert

-Smart Tac Rig

-Dangler adpater

Dimensions: 24 cm x 13 cm x 4 cm

Material: Cordura(R) 500 Nylon

Made in Europe