Burrito® Multi Pouch / Gen. 2

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Burrito® Multi Pouch

(Optional Accessoires: Dangler adapter / Car seat holder)

This version of the burrito bag was specially developed for professional users in mind.

The front pocket is suitable for flat items such as wound cards and rescue blankets, etc.

A woven Molle strap is also used here which is particularly slick but more robust than regular Molle.

Unlike the EDC Burrito the Burrito Multi pouch can be completely opened and unfolded.

The inside is made from a light loop Material which enables to see the contents even in difficult lighting conditions.

Four hook-based rubber loops are also supplied with the pouch. These are suitable for the flexible attachment of tourniquets, wound dressings, radios and magazines.

Also Hook and loop modules from other manufacturers can also be used here.

On the back there is a hidden pocket which is well suited for disposable gloves or similar items.

The back has several mounting options. From tactical vests to police duty belts (in conjunction with belt keepers) this pouch can be attached where it is also easily accessible.

In addition, the Burrito Multi Pouch can also be used as a shoulder bag or waist pack.

Special Attention was placed on details like the completely removable clips.

Finally the bag comes with a carry handle in red. This handle can be adjusted in height or direction.

The Burrito Multi Pouch is the ideal companion for everyday life or in emergencies and adapts to the requirements of the user:

(This pouch is delivered without medical equipment)

Length: 24 cm

Height: 14 cm

Width: 4,5 cm

Material: Cordura® 560

Made in Europe

Calculated shipping weight : 30 grams