Concealed Carry Compadre - Gen.2

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Concealed Carry Compadre - The discreet bag for concealed carry of handguns

The Concealed Carry Compadre bag has been specifically designed for discreetly carrying handguns, especially in law enforcement settings where a subtle appearance is of utmost importance. Unlike conventional tactical bags, the Concealed Carry Compadre deliberately avoids conspicuous features like Molle, ensuring a discreet and civilian look.

High-quality materials and civilian design:

The unpadded carrying strap (width: 40 mm) provides inconspicuous comfort, allowing the bag to be worn even under a jacket. The strap is secured to the bag with two clips, enabling quick detachment in emergency situations. The exterior material is made of robust 500D Cordura and features high-quality YKK zippers. A hook-and-loop panel is located on the front, where an optional "Cover-Panel" can be attached, giving the bag the appearance of an ordinary civilian bag. Careful consideration has been given to avoid prominent brand labels or markings.

Urban Camouflage

Additional cover available separately:

Tactically modular interior:

Although the bag maintains an inconspicuous exterior, the interior reveals a tactically modular setup. The main compartment has hook-and-loop surfaces on the inside, accommodating attachment of various holsters or equipment. The bag allows rapid access to the handgun through a downward-pulling opening flap. The reinforced interior of the main compartment facilitates smooth drawing of the weapon from the holster.

Versatile carrying options:

Each bag includes a "Gripper" adapter, allowing different belt holsters to be secured inside the bag. This feature permits the use of official holsters within the inconspicuous bag, eliminating the need for holster switching. In addition to the main compartment, the bag provides an organizer pocket on the front for storing pens, power banks, and mobile phones. Two concealed pockets on the back offer storage space for handcuffs, a radio, or a telescopic baton.

Innovative feature - The belt clip:

A notable feature of the bag is the bottom with three loops for a belt clip. The position of the discreet belt clip can be adjusted according to preferences. This innovative function securely anchors the bag, preventing unwanted swinging. The connection can be quickly released as needed, allowing for easy positioning of the bag on the body, such as when getting into a vehicle.

High-quality and European craftsmanship:

The Concealed Carry Compadre is manufactured in Europe and distinguishes itself through its superior craftsmanship and premium materials, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Technical specifications:

Material: 100% Nylon

Overall dimensions of the bag:

Width: approx. 21 cm

Height: approx. 21 cm

Depth: approx. 6 cm

Dimensions of the concealed pockets on the back:

Width: approx. 10.5 cm

Height: approx. 17 cm

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