Concealed Carry Compadre - Gen.2

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Concealed Carry Compadre

Update Gen.2:

- 1x Gripper Adpater included

- 1x Clip for belt attachment

- 3x Webbing rows at the bottom of the pouch

The Concealed Carry Compadre bag was specially developed for concealed carrying of handguns. Modern service weapons with department issued holsters are particularly noticeable when carried in a plain cloth scenario.

The Concealed Carry Compadre bag offers the possibility to carry a handgun inconspicuously and therefore doesn't show Molle or other typical features that would scream "tactical".

Starting with the padded shoulder strap (width 40mm), the bag has an inconspicuous basic color. The belt was designed without padding to make it as low profile as possible to wear under the jacket. The shoulder strap is attached to the bag with two clips so that the wearer can open it quickly in an emergency (being stuck, etc.).

The outer material of the bag consists of 500D Cordura and, in addition to YKK zippers, also has a Velcro surface on the front. This Velcro surface is an essential part of the bag design, as a "cover panel" can be attached here. The separately available "cover panels" come in a large number of fashionable patterns and make the bag look like a regular civilian bag.

Depending on the needs of the wearer, the appearance of the bag can be adapted to that of the user. A brand label or similarly conspicuous markings were deliberately avoided.

The inconspicuously civil appearance of the bag, however, hides a tactical modular structure inside. The main compartment features on the body side and outside with a approx. 21 cm x 15 cm Velcro surface.

Velcro holsters or similar equipment can be attached here. The bag has an opening tab so that the attached handgun can also be reached quickly.

As soon as the tap is pulled down , the bag opens and the wearer gets access to the handgun inside.

The specially reinforced inside of the main compartment makes it easier to draw from the holster.

In addition to the main, the bag also has an organizer compartment on the front. Pens, power banks and cell phones can be stored here. To ensure good visibility, a light color was chosen for the organizer.

One of our Tacpulls is also attached to the zipper of the organizer compartment. It should be noted that regular paracord was used on the main compartment to avoid confusion with the opening tab.

Last but not least, there are two hidden pockets on the back. For example, handcuffs, a radio or a telescopic baton can be concealed here.

The Concealed Carry Compadre is made in Germany and offers a long service life with its excellent quality plus rugged materials.

All items shown serve as examples only and are not included.

Material: 100% Nylon

Total dimensions of the bag:

Width: approx. 21 cm

Height: approx. 21 cm

Depth: approx. 6 cm

2x hidden pockets:

Width: about 10.5 cm

Height: approx. 17 cm

Accounted Shipping weight: 30 Gramms