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EVI - Essential Versatile Insert:

Optimal Organization for Outdoor, Every-Day Carry, Police, and Military

The Essential Versatile Insert (EVI) is the solution to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, EDC users, police, and military personnel. With this versatile hook-and-loop module, your equipment will always be perfectly organized, ensuring you are prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

Versatility for Your Gear:

Originally designed for our tactical bags - Multi Pouch, Compadre, and Concealed Carry - the EVI seamlessly adapts to the gear of police, military, and civilian users alike. But it's not just limited to professionals; it's an invaluable asset for everyday use and outdoor activities.

Product Feautures:

  • Sturdy hook-and-loop area on the entire front: Attach your badges, patches, or other hook-and-loop accessories to the front of the pouch.

  • Thoughtfully padded interior compartment: Compact yet spacious enough to securely store your essential equipment, such as mobile phones, payment methods, and other necessities.

  • Quick and easy access with clever opening straps: The practical openining tabs allow for smooth access to your gear, ensuring you're always ready for action.

  • Universal attachment with hook-and-loop on the back: The EVI can be effortlessly fastened to any hook-and-loop surface, so you can have it exactly where you need it.

Technical Specifications for Active Use:

  • High-quality material: The EVI is made of 100% Polyamide, proving its reliability even under demanding conditions.

  • Compact dimensions: With a height of 10 cm, a length of 20 cm, and a width of 1 cm, it fits perfectly into your gear without hindering you.

Whether you're organizing your equipment for your next outdoor adventure or preparing for your daily routine, the Essential Versatile Insert (EVI) will be your faithful companion, giving you a clear advantage in any situation.

Discover optimal gear organization with the EVI - your indispensable partner for every mission!

Material: 100% Polyamide

Width: 20 cm Height: 10 cm Width: 1 cm