- Super Illuminator Plus / 50 Meter “Diamond”

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Ventumgear was the first company to introduce a cord with such visibility.

Since then numerous similar products appeared on the market but we kept going with the development and now the super Illuminator plus is the brightest cord around (Check product pictures)

Our “Super Illuminator” cord stands for enormous visibility day and night when illuminated. Comparable nylon lines contain 5-10% reflective material. Our cord with 50% reflector material has a much higher visibility. Due to the higher reflector material, the cord is somewhat stiffer than pure nylon cord.

When used as a bracelet or dog collar, the reflector cord can be combined with nylon cord to increase comfort. Safety instructions: Not suitable for personal security. The breaking load is approx. 120 kg. The cord is made of 50% nylon and 50% polyester (similar to parachute lines) and must therefore be kept away from heat and fire. Minimally reflector particles can come loose during braiding (with the material). However, these can be washed off with soap and water.

Our tip: Rinse the material with water before processing, this removes loose reflector material.