TACPULL® Ranger Green

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TACPULL® - The Innovative Zipper Replacement for the Highest Demands.

The Tacpull is a revolutionary accessory designed to replace traditional cord pulls on zippers.

With its minimalist design and outstanding features, the Tacpull sets new standards in terms of functionality and performance.

Made from durable Cordura® laminate and precisely crafted with laser-cut technology, the Tacpull offers unparalleled durability and resilience. Whether in use by police, military, or for outdoor adventures, the Tacpull always stands reliably by your side.

Thanks to its special design, the Tacpull extends beyond the zipper, allowing for an improved grip and effortless operation. Even under adverse conditions or in wet environments, you will maintain complete control. The quiet handling provides additional tactical advantages.

With its lightweight construction, the Tacpull doesn't compromise the feel of your gear while providing a robust and dependable solution for your zipper needs. Its quick visibility facilitates identification and swift access to bags and equipment.

The Tacpull is delivered as a single piece and may vary in camouflage pattern. Perfect for professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who values top quality and functionality.

Replace conventional cord pulls with the Tacpull and experience a new level of performance and usability for your zippers.

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Ranger Green