Smart Tac Rig 2.0

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Smart Tac Rig 2.0: The Ultimate Modular Chest Rig

Introducing the Smart Tac Rig 2.0 - the next evolutionary step in modularity and adaptability.

Updates in Version 2.0:

Adjustable Height 2M Clips:

Customize the 2M Clips to your desired height, achieving a perfect fit and comfort.

Versatile Molle Pouch Adapters:

The Smart Tac Rig 2.0 includes two adapters for Molle pouches from other brands. Utilize these adapters to transform practically any Molle pouch into a fully functional Chest Rig.

Key Features of the Smart Tac Rig 2.0:

Padded 5 cm Wide Shoulder Straps:

The shoulder straps feature multiple rubber loops, perfect for attaching additional gear or securing radio cables.

Flexible Design:

The design of the Smart Tac Rig prioritizes flexibility. Premium 2M buckles are employed, completely removable, allowing not only pouch attachment but also the integration of placards from various brands.

Hook-and-Loop Area:

The back of the Smart Tac Rig features a hook-and-loop area for patches, perfectly compatible with our mini placards.

Easy Customization:

The Smart Tac Rig empowers you to enhance existing gear or assemble an entirely new Chest Rig tailored to your individual requirements. Adapt it to your needs and be fully prepared.

Material: 100% Polyamide

Made in Europe

(accessories not included)